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Gardening Calendar

July 2018

July is traditionally a month spent heavily feeding and watering your plants. After a very dry June most plants are suffering from a lack of water and if plants become dry and ‘distressed’ (although deep rooted plants like roses and flowering shrubs are less likely to be affected) they are more prone to a whole host of diseases.
To help prevent this situation occurring give plants a good soaking once a week (with a watering can), especially if the sun is out in force. Once you have thoroughly soaked the soil, mulch with bark to help retain in the moisture.

Lawn care:

Grass is especially susceptible to any change in weather conditions. If your lawn is the setting for a season of Summer garden parties, make sure you keep it regularly fed and weeded if you want it to continue to look at its best.
Feed and weed when the grass is growing, not when it has just been cut. If the weather is particularly dry remember to heighten the blades on the lawnmower so that the roots are not exposed to the sun.

Feed the shrubs:

After flowering, shrubs are in particular need of a feed to replace the goodness taken out by the flowering process. Use a good quality liquid feed and remember to dead head if you want to be sure of a healthy display of flowers this season.

Fight the fungi

Humid conditions can also cause fungal problems in the garden. Roses are prone to blackspot and rust which can spread with alarming speed. Keep an eye on fruit trees as well and watch out for the tell-tale sign of orange-brown spots on the leaves which can signal the onset of a full bout of scab.

Hanging Baskets:

Hopefully you are reaping the rewards of all that hard work at the beginning of the year spent putting together hanging baskets. Don’t forget to keep removing dead flowers and to apply a liquid feed regularly.

Plan ahead:

If you are thinking of starting a new rose bed in the Autumn, now is the time to do your research on the colour, fragrance and growing trends of the plethora of varieties currently on the market. Visiting a rose centre where you can witness at first hand the diverse range of roses to choose from is far better (and more enjoyable!) than poring over a pile of books!

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Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Roses

We specialise in the production of high quality roses grown on Kent's A-1 brick earth soil which is so conducive to growing superior plants.

We have bareroot roses available from December until the end of February (weather permitting).

Containerised roses are available all the year round

Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice

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Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice