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Gardening Calendar

June 2018

June is the ideal time to plant bedding pants although you still need to be wary of the occasional chance of late frost and strong winds during the first two weeks of the month.

Basking in beauty:

Nothing beats the sight of a beautiful hanging basket but there are a number of tips worth bearing in in mind to help achieve a long lasting display of colour. Always use a good liner to help retain moisture for the plants. Fill the basket with a John Innes based compost and then you’re ready to plant. Try petunias, geraniums, calibrachoa (million bells) and bacopa for a truly unrivalled splash of colour. Water all the plants well before you hang the basket outside and feed every two weeks with a liquid feed.

Patio perfection:

A selection of tubs and troughs on the patio can really make a statement in the garden at this time of year but do make sure your pots offer adequate drainage. As with hanging baskets fill with a good compost and then make your plant selection – fuchsias look very effective in tubs or choose sun loving geraniums – which have the added bonus of not collapsing immediately if you forget to water them!

Keeping everything rosy:

By now you should have given your crop of roses a least three sprays against the dreaded blackspot. Also aphids and greenfly seem to be rife so do keep up the spraying against this condition as once a rose becomes affected the impact on the growth and performance of the plant is dramatic. You will need to start training any climbers in June – climbing roses in particular have a habit of wanting to grow exactly where you would rather they didn’t! Use soft string so as not to damage the stems.

Essential tree therapy:

Trees planted in the spring could be struggling through lack of moisture in the soil. Give them a good soaking every week until you see signs of a few centimeters of growth.
Check your cherry trees for blackfly which can seriously inhibit the growth of the tree and can also cause dieback.

Care of the green carpet:

Take a long hard look at your lawn – you may not ever achieve Wimbledon standards but.... you can but try! June is the best month to feed any new growth coming through and make sure you give the lawn a regular mow once a week –
but don’t make the mistake of cutting the grass too low.

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Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Roses

We specialise in the production of high quality roses grown on Kent's A-1 brick earth soil which is so conducive to growing superior plants.

We have bareroot roses available from December until the end of February (weather permitting).

Containerised roses are available all the year round

Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice

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Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice