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Gardening Calendar

August 2018

August should be the time when all the hard work you have put into maintaining the garden pays dividends.
Bedding plants are now at their very peak and will respond well to liquid feeding on a fortnightly basis to guarantee a spectacular display of colour.

Fruit and veg:

After picking this season’s black, red and white currants you should apply a high nitrogen-based fertiliser to build up new wood for next year’s crop. With Wimbledon over and no doubt many bowls of strawberries and cream later, remember to clean up your strawberry plants and pick out any runners.
Give them a good feed with a general fertiliser to ensure healthy growth in the months ahead.
By the end of this month, onions should be harvested and dried off. Always store in a cool and dry place.

Houseplants go outdoors:

Most houseplants can be left outside during the summer and this is a good way of avoiding the perils of the dreaded whitefly.
Make sure you water daily and feed on a monthly basis. Look out for plants that need repotting.

Holiday tips:

While you plant your annual summer break, don’t forget to make arrangements for your plants too!
You should, of course, have been hoeing regularly to get rid of any weeds which not only look unsightly in the garden, but also take valuable moisture and goodness out of the soil.
Try to leave the garden free of weeds before you set off on your travels and give any tubs out on the patio a good drink and feed.
Remember, if plants do dry out the damage is often not reparable, so take the precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Test your soil:

Have you tested your soil lately? It is important to be aware of the type of soil your garden enjoys so that you can prepare any new plants for that particular soil.
Soil testers are inexpensive to buy and can actually save you pounds in the long run by helping you buy the plants that are best suited to your particular soil environment. Knowledge of your soil type is also key to selecting the best fertilisers for your garden.

Ant attack:

This seems to be the year of the ant. Gardens throughout the country have been plagued by these troublesome creatures which can wreak havoc on plants.
The key to controlling an ant attack is to act early.
There are plenty of effective products on the market specifically designed to deal with this problem so at the first sight of an army of ants, visit your local garden centre and seek advice on the best form of defence!

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Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Roses

We specialise in the production of high quality roses grown on Kent's A-1 brick earth soil which is so conducive to growing superior plants.

We have bareroot roses available from December until the end of February (weather permitting).

Containerised roses are available all the year round

Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice

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Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice
Layham Garden Centre Seasonal Advice